Sometimes, you have an idea, but you don't know how to achieve the entire product development journey. Our integrated development solution has been thought for you.

We will sketch, in collaboration with you, your product idea. In other words, we will transfer your idea to paper.

After sketching your idea, we will produce a technical drawing of your product to prepare a 3D printed prototype in the next step.

We will make a prototype of your product for final approval that will be 3D printed using the colour and finish of your choice.

This step is crucial as it is will define the success of your invention in terms of sales volume. We will elaborate a product marketing plan in collaboration with our partner firm that will define your target market, target audience, and distribution channels. It is the overall merchandising strategy plan of your product.

At this step, we will, with the help of our partner firm, design a packaging and a merchandising display (if required) to boost your odds of attracting your audience and selling it in the case of B2C distribution.

At this step, we build your product’s mold to get ready for production molding. We have all the equipment necessary for building, maintaining, and servicing molds used for the manufacturing of plastic parts and products. Molds are made in Montreal, or we also have partnerships with Chinese companies.

This is the ultimate inventor’s dream. We will begin production molding of your product for large scale needs.

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We will take care of the distribution of your product to different points including third-party distributors and direct retailers.

As it is an integrated and fully managed solution, we are your growth partner for life. Our support team is always there to answer any questions and accommodate your needs.