Facilities & Capabilities

Your reference in plastic parts production

Our 108,000 square foot facility is equipped with the latest technology for the production of plastic parts.

Our plant located in Montreal is equipped with 31 injection molding machines with tonnages ranging from 45 to 2450 tons. We can manufacture small precision technical parts as well as large industrial components weighing up to 15 kg.

We use equipment from leading plastic injection molding brands such as Engel and Cincinnati. We are industry leaders in plastic injection molding services.

We have four delivery docks. In our warehouse, we operate four forklifts and a pallet wrapping machine.

Our presses list

Votre unique arrêt pour vos besoins en production de pièces de plastique

Les installations de Rondi ont une superficie de 105 000 pieds carrés et sont équipées des technologies de pointe pour la fabrication de pièces en plastique.

Nous utilisons de l’équipement de marques reconnues dans le moulage de plastique par injection, comme Engel et Cincinnati. Nous sommes des leaders dans l’industrie des services de moulage par injection de plastique.

Nous avons quatre quais de livraison. Dans notre entrepôt, nous opérons quatre chariots élévateurs et une machine d’emballage de palettes ainsi que 22 machines de moulage par injection et 6 machines de fabrications de moules.

Additional services

Your molds are an essential part of your project. At Rondi we can make new molds, store them on site, make modifications to existing molds and perform regular maintenance. The main advantages of having a tool room are: minimizes the risk of breakage since the molds are not transported outside, avoids unnecessary additional delays (due to transportation) and significantly reduces costs. Our toolmakers have an average of 25 years of experience. We design quality molds that meet your needs and last over time.


In our industrial tool room, we have all the necessary equipment to manufacture, maintain and service the molds used to manufacture plastic parts or products. The molds are made at our plant in Montreal. The main advantages of having a tool room are: minimizes the risk of breakage since the molds are not transported outside, avoids unnecessary delays (due to transportation) and significant cost reductions. Here are the different tools we work with for injection molding:



Les activités de notre établissement sont faites à travers les départements suivants:

  • Salle d’outillage
  • Moulage
  • Assemblage
  • Entreposage
  • Livraison et Réception
  • Administration

Production software


A standard in the design industry, Rhino /D provides a powerful toolkit for rapid creation of parts, assemblies, 2D drawings and 3D solid models. Rhino’s specific tools for mold design and complex texturing in /D allow Rondi to turn ideas into reality.


Mastercam is the most widely used automated design software. It is the software of choice among CNC programmers. Mastercam Mill is the next generation of CNC software, delivering the full range of tools available for moldmaking. This program includes new toolpaths and machining techniques.


Rondi uses a fully integrated enterprise resource planning system for the operation of the facility. This system includes inventory and financial controls as well as order processing, delivery, scheduling and mold maintenance. This system allows Rondi to easily capture data and then optimize its value chain.